Inunite started out as a college project and eventually it turned into a live one. It took a lot of efforts to build Inunite as everything was done from the very bottom and without any framework. Learning curve was immense but in the end it was worth it. Inunite was aimed towards uniting two of the most common aspects of our daily life, E-commerce and Social Network. Team size for Inunite was 3. I was the sole Web Developer. Check it out.

Technology Stack : PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MYSQL

Create Your Plans

While talking to a friend I realised that many people travel alone all over the world. So why not to develop something where they can find fellow travelers, explore their journeys and share their moments with everyone. Hence, it was developed with the aim of uniting all the travelers. Create Your Plans was also my way of learning Django as I didn't want to build a "blog" and I firmly believe in proof of concept when it comes to putting anything as one of my skills.

Technology Stack : Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript